Our Philosophy

“Children are gifted in unique intelligences.”
– Margaret Bridges
(Founder of Tabernacle)

We believe that each child is created in the image of God; as we learn more about the intelligences hidden inside a child we will learn more about God Himself.

It’s not a single, general ability (innate intelligences) but appears in several different ways or modalities.

Our philosophy (and foundational approach to teaching and learning) has been modeled and adapted based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Our goal is to bring out, develop and nurture a student’s innate gifts.

Together our goal is to provide children with the following seven things:

  1. Acceptance without strings.
  2. Discipline to build strong character – like a river that overruns its banks, the life without boundaries loses its strength.
  3. Challenge to dream great dreams – look beyond the already and wonder at they may be.
  4. Confidence in an uncertain world.
  5. Freedom to be children.
  6. Strength to face adversity.
  7. Wisdom to make right decisions on life’s journey

Children need to be loved.