Loving Our Children

The two greatest commandments that Jesus gave his disciples were to love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. Love is foundational to our school’s philosophy and vision. We want your child to know how loved they are by God, their parents, and their teachers. This love is expressed in many different ways.

1.  Acceptance without strings.

  • This is modeled after the acceptance and unconditional love found in the love of Christ.
  • Each child is unique and different. We want to celebrate those differences.

2.  Boundaries

  • Boundaries express love to children by giving them a safe and predictable environment.
  • Our teachers have clear and consistent boundaries so that your child knows there is someone who will help him/her avoid hazards giving them a sense of security.
  • Testing boundaries is a part of childhood. Partnered with appropriate discipline, this leads to building strong character.
  • We focus on a child “Caught being good, Caught being kind, respectful etc. or Caught being their best!”
  • Like a river that overruns its banks, the life without boundaries loses its strength.
  • The goal of all discipline, is self-discipline.

3.   Challenge to dream great dreams

  • We want to foster and environment where your child can look beyond the already and wonder at they may be.
  • Dreams made into reality can change lives, industries and the world.

4.  Confidence in an uncertain world

  • There are a lot of things going on in the world today that impact our children. We believe that it is your role as a parent to discuss your views, when appropriate, about these issues. Our focus is on communicating God’s love and control in every situation.
  • God is in control, with us in every situation of life, and is the one true source of confidence in our uncertain world.
  • When children understand their giftedness, they can walk confidently toward their dreams.

5.  Giving them freedom to be children

  • Childhood and youth are incredibly short but important spans of time; years of intense growth in every area.
  • Our children need every moment of their childhood and the freedom to just be kids.
  • They need adults who can see life through their eyes; who can grasp and share the amazement of every new discovery; and the pride and joy of accomplishment.
  • The fun of simple play; as parents and educators we need to enjoy it with them.

6.  Strength to face adversity – True strength is born of adversity

  • Working through and facing problems, by the grace of God, is how children learn strength.
  • We want our children to be strong, to be able to endure hard things, surmount obstacles and confident to stand alone if need be.
  • Children need a certain amount of the right kind of struggles in their lives to exercise the muscles of independence and take flight

7.  Wisdom to make right decisions – Life is a journey

  • Children begin making choices at the moment of self-awareness.
  • Children need wisdom to make the right decisions; and wisdom comes from the adults in their lives and from history.
  • The greatest wisdom comes from the Bible: ‘The Light’ that never fails or leads astray.